Coburg’s handball players want license for the 1. Bundesliga

Coburg's handball players want license for the 1. Bundesliga

HSC managing director steffen ramer announced at the new year’s reception of the HSC 2000 coburg that in the next few months they will also be looking again for a license for the 1st league. Handball-bundesliga will try. "We are going on two tracks", he said. Because in the event that the team "a series" if the club were to achieve a promotion place, it could not be allowed to fail because of the lack of a license.

Regardless of the future league affiliation, many talks were currently held to put together a team for the new season. Currently, the HSC 2000 coburg is in 2nd place. Handball bundesliga place 6.

"We can still achieve our goal of being among the top 4", said steffen ramer. And HSC board spokesman stefan apfel added: "we hope for more stability in the future. Then it is absolutely feasible to move up two or three places."


With claudio putz goes a universally popular principal

In pommersfelden, the community, students, parents and staff bid farewell to the universally appreciated and beloved principal claudio putz. At the farewell party, the float groups and many other children gave their best with their various instruments and delighted the audience.

In his speech of thanks, mayor hans beck praised the good cooperation with the school and, not least, with the school principal. Claudio putz came to pommersfelden and sambach as principal six years ago. He found a freshly renovated school building that was equipped with all the technical refinements.

For the staff, dagmar lamprecht found words of thanks, but also a melancholy tone, because claudio putz left behind a big hole. He has been a patient and helpful boss to all teachers. The colleagues presented a filled backpack as a farewell gift. School board member zeis took up the accordion to bid farewell to putz in tango rhythm and with a song he had written himself.


Schoolchildren had the choice: respect or not

schoolchildren had the choice: respect or not

Insults among students or by teachers, mobbing messages on cell phones, food on the floor of the cafeteria, massively soiled school toilets – the school representatives at the school center in habfurt did not want to put up with all this for much longer. Therefore, the members of the school council (SMV) at the albrecht-durer-middle school, dr.-auguste-kirchner-realschule and regiomontanus-gymnasium to the joint "election for respect at their schools.

All three school councils pulled together in the same direction. "The participation was enormous", said moritz kneuer, school representative from class 10c at the dr.-auguste-kirchner-realschule. "The effort was not in vain", the 15 year old was happy. At his school, the election was prepared by the students themselves, even without the help of the guidance teachers. Otherwise, the project is supported by the SMV liaison teachers and "living room" (open all-day school). The latter organized the project "three days of respect" a few days ago at the school center in habfurt.

Together, the students of the three schools made an election commercial that was shown in all classes and that clearly named and pointed out the grievances at the school. Ballots were distributed in all grades, giving classmates a choice of two options: "respect or a little brown pile". The latter was symbolic of the negative and disrespectful behavior that can be observed in everyday school life. With the motto "don’t make a mess!" All students were asked to decide for respect every day anew.


Broken ground: there is no parking space in friesen

Broken ground: there is no parking space in friesen

The village renewal in the upper village of friesen was undoubtedly a gain for the district. Monday’s city council meeting showed, however, that practice sometimes catches up with well-intentioned ideas. In friesen, for example, a lack of parking spaces has for some time met with a lack of space – with an unpleasant result.

The head of the municipal utility, jochen loffler, showed the council a picture of what heidi hansen, a citizen of friesen, had already explained earlier in the meeting. Because the volume of traffic has increased and parking space is lacking, many people are moving to the meadows, which seem to have been plowed up.

"The installation of the trench was in principle a nice idea, but it does not work", underlined loffler. An assessment showed that seven additional parking spaces could be created in the upper village by using paved areas. The cost: about 22000 euros.


Csu wants to master the challenges for kups with a strong parliamentary group

"We have put together a strong list and want to repeat or even improve on the very good result of six years ago in the coming march", said ursula eberle-berlips, CSU faction spokeswoman in kups, at the nomination meeting in johannisthal. "Currently we have eight mandates plus the local speaker of burkersdorf. This is the benchmark for the 15. Marz!"

The importance of a strong parliamentary group was demonstrated when bernd rebhan was elected as the first mayor of the city. We have tackled the many challenges with great vigor: vacancies in various parts of the town, the need to renovate roads and utilities, and community buildings.

She cited as examples the new construction of the kups day nursery and kindergarten, the building permit that was finally granted for the elementary school in kups, including the hall and stage, the creation of a physiotherapy facility in the old school in au, the stop of the regional express in kups, and the municipal energy management with the conversion to LED, the networked local and community development KEK3, the planned museum in the upper castle/remise with the foundation of a sponsoring association, the village renewal inspections in theisenort and burkersdorf and the village renewal that has begun in oberlangenstadt, the renovation of the local thoroughfare in hain, the strengthening of the market system, and much more.


Gymnastics club has to pay more for the use of the hall

gymnastics club has to pay more for the use of the hall

The TV jahn muhlhausen wants to set up gymnastics equipment on the lutherhohe together with the municipality. As chairman georg geyer announced at the annual general meeting, the TV would contribute a low five-digit sum to the project, as it would benefit everyone and was in line with the association’s purpose of promoting sport.

In the future, the association will have to pay more for the use of the school gymnasium in muhlhausen, because instead of 7.50 euros per day, regardless of the number of hours, the school association now charges three euros per hour. Thanks to the support of mayor klaus faatz (CSU), the increase turned out to be more moderate than had been feared, with expenditures expected to be 50 to 60 percent higher than before.

In his review, geyer mentioned numerous events and reported that lisa stumpf has taken over the office of secretary from elke morgenroth. Geyer mentioned the awarding of the honorary badge of the minister president to hilde prols as a special high point.


A place for everyone

A place for everyone

Rough was the joy in hainweiher, when the school and culture room, which is attached to the fire station, was officially handed over to its purpose.

Mayor christine frieb spoke of a significant project. This had become necessary because the former school building was sold. The house had been in need of complete renovation and had far exceeded the budget. Therefore, the town council unanimously decided to build an annex as a school room. This could also be used by the gymnastics club ebneth-hainweiher, the singing club, the seniors and the church community, said frieb.

It was a long way to this annex, noted F chairman thomas krappmann. So it was a real shock when it became known that the old schoolhouse was being sold. There had been much discussion in both villages, and the town of burgkunstadt had even been called a "bosewicht" had been titled. After partly heated discussions the application for the extension of the fire station had been decided. This would not create any competition for the local gastronomy.


Hemhofen’s after-school care to be extended into the countryside

Hemhofen's after-school care to be extended into the countryside

The places in the midday care of the hemhofener elementary school allmahlich scarce. In an earlier survey, 90 percent of school parents did not want an open or bound all-day school. They spoke out in favor of a regular school plus lunchtime supervision. But since there is only room for about 90 children at the moment, there will be no room for 50 to 60 children in the near future.

50 percent from grades 1 to 4 need care from 1 p.M. To 2 p.M. And 50 percent stay until 3 p.M. In the midday care, the total of 11.30 o’clock to 16 o’clock is open. This means that from 13 to 14 o’clock all lunch children are to be cared for. "It is not necessary to provide a separate room for one hour", says mayor ludwig nagel (CSU). "Hemhofen cannot afford that", he continues.

After intensive consideration he sat down some time ago with arnd kading, a landscape gardener from rottenbach. This has specialized in planning and creating natural gardens and has already carried out special projects in kindergartens. Nagel asked if kading could imagine transforming an open space into a nature garden. The idea of a lunchtime care center close to nature – similar to a forest kindergarten – was born.


Hairdressing salon in marktschorgast takes new approach to training

Hairdressing salon in marktschorgast takes new approach to training

Dorothea, sophia and aleyna sit confidently in styling chairs in the salon. The three young women laugh and talk, with an enthusiastic twinkle in their eyes.

They talk about their last block lesson, where they learned something about how to advise customers properly. "It is important that the clients speak more than the hairdressers do. And you can’t ask manipulative questions, because then the customer answers what the hairdresser wants to hear," says doris ortlieb of the hairdressers’ association, tells aleyna.

Since august you are in training with annette kurz-mahringer. In their two salons in marktschorgast and bayreuth, they are trained according to the concept of la biosthetique and the societe francaise de biosthetique deutschland e.V. Trained. This is the largest private hairdresser and cosmetics association in germany with approx. 1 600 salon companies.