The day when the trabants came

The day when the trabants came

The invasion from the east came from the south and not in armored tracked vehicles. Trabants and wartburgs rolled up to ebern’s balthasar-neumann barracks. They had a few hours head start. Am 9. November 1989, when the wall came down in the evening, the opening of the border had already begun in the baunach area. Since the summer, GDR citizens have fled to the west, mainly via hungary and czechoslovakia. On 3. November GDR state council chairman egon krenz gave in to the CSSR’s urging and allowed the GDR citizens in the prague embassy to leave directly for the FRG.

In a reception center near deggendorf, the GDR resettlers who were streaming westward from czechoslovakia were handed copied maps that showed them the way to ebern. Of all things, into a military installation, this small mosaic stone of western deterrence.

Within a few hours, the german army and the red cross had set up a registration head and quarters there, which were to become the first home of the mostly young eastern families in freedom for four days. Some stayed in the region, many found shelter with relatives or acquaintances throughout the federal republic, the rest were forwarded to hammelburg.


Juggler-duo “double take” the first time at “bamberg zaubert


Until tuesday evening, lena kohn and christian harel had no idea that they were part of "bamberg zaubert" will come. "A group of artists dropped out at short notice due to illness and marcus gotz, whom we have known for a long time, asked us if we wouldn"t like to come to bamberg", the two artists, who both live in berlin.

Because they have already heard a lot of positive things about "bamberg zaubert had heard and the weekend was not yet planned, they had accepted gladly. Moreover, the juggling duo, who perform under the name "double take", emphasized such a festival offers the unique opportunity to perfect new acts in front of an audience.

And did they regret this step? "Not at all. Besides the fact that I almost can"t feel my tube after four performances a day, we had a lot of fun in bamberg," they both emphasize in unison, reports lena kohn. Bamberg is a wonderful city, the audience is simply huge and the atmosphere is magnificent. Even with "hat money were both very satisfied. "Certainly there are places and times where the money bag is not quite as full, but then other performance areas like the one at the gabelmann make up for that and in the end there is enough left over", summed up the berliner. Especially since travel and accommodation expenses as well as meals were taken over. "First and foremost, I am thrilled by the beautiful city and the really great audience.


Launch of the new vacation and leisure program of the city of kronach

launch of the new vacation and leisure program of the city of kronach

Become a stonemason or fortress engineer, discover the secrets of herb plants, explore the rosenberg fortress on an exciting night hike or take part in an exciting fortress rally: that’s what families can do with the new tourist offers of the city of kronach in cooperation with the JUFA-hotel fortress rosenberg. The vacation and recreation program during the whitsun vacations is aimed at all interested parties. On monday, the new highlights were presented by kerstin low, head of the tourism and events department of the city of kronach, and the museologist alexander sub with other responsible persons during a tour of the site.

"The main difference is that these are half-day programs", declared sub, who together with the guest leaders rosi ross "turmer" thomas baier and philip kraus had developed the new subjects. These last twice as long as the existing guided tours and activities, around two and a half hours, in order to delve even deeper into the history of the city and its landmark.

The expansion was also triggered by the start of operations at the JUFA hotel, according to low. It is hoped that this will lead to an increase in the number of families staying in kronach for more than one night. The company is pleased to be able to offer the new module. It will take place from tuesday to saturday during the two whitsun vacation weeks. One event per day is offered with a guarantee of taking place.


Broad support for the schutzen of untersteinach

broad support for the schutzen of untersteinach

The hall is free of charge, the groups of the untersteinach brass band and the choral society play for free. Also "frankensima philipp simon goletz contributes to the amusing and successful evening – with his typical frolics, which are sometimes also a bit cheeky.

Inge winkler, chairman of the untersteinach guardians, beams all over her face as she looks out at the crowds of visitors. "They are all here because of us, if that is not a reason to rejoice. I am really overwhelmed." Her guardians take care of drinks, serve champagne during the break and have provided 150 salmon sandwiches, kasestangen and lye pretzels. In the twinkling of an eye everything was gone. "Of course, people can still donate afterwards", hopes winkler and is happy about the huge resonance.

The owners have long since decided that the clubhouse should be rebuilt – on the exact floor slab that remained of the old building after the devastating fire. Internally, the plans have already been discussed in detail. Further modifications have now been made, and the new drafts will be presented to the bavarian sports protection association as early as next week. Chairman winkler and the members hope that the permits will be issued quickly.